dji osmo mobile 3 gimbal system stabilizer for smartphones

dji osmo mobile 3 gimbal

Hey guys
this is and today we are checking out the new DJI Osmo 3. I've always been such a huge fan of these because you could have great shots with this. But what's exciting about this is DJI now has this new software called Nemo so if you're familiar with any of the previous things that they've released it all uses this new DJI Nemo app 

so now this awesome is three integrates really well with the software so to show you guys a little of the highlights of this and then I'm actually on my way to Montana again which I'm so excited about so I will shoot a fun little cinematic video using this and I'll talk about you guys that in a little but first let's check this out much like most of their other Gimble's and things like that if you're ever off balance or things aren't looking the way they should double tap that trigger and it brings everything back into focus you can triple click to switch from your front camera to the back camera and then triple click again that'll switch back to the front camera with great as a lot of these actions are super consistent between the awesome 3 the most awesome pockets and everything kind of just seamlessly works together here is the app one thing I love are these little Auto story modes out super into these or the ausma pocket you can choose a theme to this one so in the story mode it'll show you this little timeline so this first shot is 5.3 seconds so I'm going to flip the camera around and we're going to record this for 5.3 seconds

look at that okay good hit next hopefulness five point four or three seconds

that was a long few seconds this is not my best work, but it's so cool because it automatically makes these little Story movies for you this is one that I wanted to share with you this is one that I made when my dog was staying in a hotel with me and Pittsburgh I made this using the ausma pocket but it's that same thing

it makes these cool fun little stories you saw Jon Theisen Rita Margo Madhavi coach and Sheila's indian-made Sheree Tom made sure the man to kayo Missouri town lit huda beauty so this also includes active track 3.0 so let's turn on active track it's in the settings and now we're gonna kind of try to Tyler okay hey Rin track you okay how do you feel about that okay so I need to see your face so okay okay know how to draw a little box around your face okay it's tracking you so I guess just yeah that's nice this is super quality content it's still tracking you it's still tracking you whoa yeah but I don't think you can like go out the door and then just hide okay I'll come back oh my gosh yes it wowed wow this is amazing

I will say it was a little skeptical when I first got this because I'm so used to using my road and I have little awesome a pocket that I was like what could this possibly do that I would need and now that I'm using it I see all of incredible features because one thing that I like is I like to just travel with the least amount of things as possible which usually ends up I bring absolutely everything but a lot of times I know if as long that my phone I'll be able to create content so having this little guy just readily accessible and with me like I can create such great shots with this and so smooth I mean this honestly turns your phone into like freak in a camera oh it even has a glamour beautify is not supported in 4k unfortunately you could you time-lapses piper lapses oh wow hyper lapse no way I wonder okay this is an exciting one thing I love about the ausma pocket is the time lapses that you can do because you can set various points and you can have it slowly move throughout the time lapse this also has that it also has a place that you can mount a little tripod it come with one but I don't have it right now so you must check that out on their website but for the time being
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