Everything is in front of you

We have received a lot of enthusiastic comments and inquiries and questions every day here

 This time, I would like to answer them.

 Q1 " every day, I get a hint of growth, but how do you write?"」

Oda Maki's mail letter " growth tips」

 Thank you for your interest.

 Actually, it is a question that receives a lot.


 - Points I told those who consulted on that day

 - Once again, if you want to add to the person, what to tell?

 - What I felt in the field of consulting this day

 - Awareness and learning of my own day

 And so on.

 That night, looking back at the day

 Summary as a"growth tips"

 The next morning the reservation has been delivered.

 (If you are going on a business trip, you may be able to make a reservation in advance

 We try to deliver as fresh as possible)

 Every day, from new recruits to senior leaders in various industries

 I'm talking to people from all walks of life

 Sometimes, I think that there are times when the"tips of growth"of tight eyes reach.


 The best use of "growth tips"

 I hope you understand what I got in the morning.

 Rather than trying to catch everything

 Read more

 Intuitive in my own

 "Pooh!And, I felt that”

 I think that it is good to be depressed during the day.

 Of course.

 They didn't come.

 What you can't take

 Thank you for your understanding!

 It is okay to use and practice every day.

 By the way, this "growth tips"

 At some companies、

 I read it at the morning assembly.

 - I noticed.

 - What to do today (how to use it)

 I think it's a good idea to share that with others.

 There are many very positive staff there

 Think good company(team).

 But in the middle・・・

 Especially for hot executives

 I admire such a growing organization (Team)

 There seems to be a person who compels the staff to read every day.

 You can register

 It is a very, thankfully story but.......

 And if I'm going to tell you one thing

 "Growth tips"

 From elementary school students to senior citizens of life (I can see the size of the "yellow" people).

 I have a wide range of ages and occupations, and I have read them

 Those who do not have a mind to ask for something(those who lack the desire to grow

 I feel that the content is severe, and I think that it often repels.

 To be more honest, to talk about・・・

 The person who gives"tips on growth" and

 How to interact with the people around you

 If you are a normal user of this web site and don't know what this page is about, this probably means that the site is currently unavailable due to maintenance.

 (By the way, it is also with a parent-child relationship)

 I thought you were good.

 "Read this, I want you to change!Even if you pass it with a thought, it is rather counterproductive.

 Even if the growth hints are expected

 It is not omnipotent, so it does not have to be.

 Q2"I have a question, but is not it annoying?」

 Almost every day, warm thoughts of e-mail and

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

 In the email I received

 All the way through, we look seriously.

 On account of time and other constraints

 We can't reply to all directly, but

 In particular, regarding your question

 2~3 within days of "growth tips"

 The essence of your reply

 We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

 Each one of us is different

 They're all connected in the subconscious and in the subconscious


 I would like to share with you my thoughts on this topic.

 So ...

 We're delivering this growth tip

 Well, the question is

 "It's always perfect for my timing」

 "Somewhere, Oda-san, I'm watching!?(Laughs)」

 "Why, I'm getting the answer of what was just worried」

 It's like that.

 I don't think they're being misinterpreted.

 Never, " look, I (Oda) is amazing!I do not want to be proud of such a thing .

 All of your emails are messages from heaven.

 As part of this role, we believe it is the result of delivering"tips for growth".

 I don't know your detailed situation, but

 Everyone has a variety of issues (themes).

 The person who receives it every day

 I feel like I'm cuddling with each and every one of you.

 I hope you'll give me some hints.

 It's a great way to learn more about the world around us and to learn more about the world around us.


 If you have any questions, please email us

 It is not at all annoying.

 I'm going to tell you what I did.

 I'm going to give you some tips that will help you.

 I would like to send you.

 We have a lot of experience in this field.

 Q3"in various places, I hear that this is the turn of the times, but how will the world change from now on?」

 This is also a very, many questions and consultation.

 And the real question I'm asking is

 We don't want to know the future predictions

 In the end, what should i (them) do?」

 I think that it is that.

 As for this.、

 I want to tell you, but ...

 Go, Go, Go, Go!From the conclusion・・・

 "To do what is right in front of you".

 Just today

 This is the content of the"editorial Manual"of the Yomiuri newspaper.

 It is

 Japanese music copyright boundary(JASRAC)

 In the wake of the announcement of the top movies of music that were used in hits and karaoke of the past.

 (By the way, the first place is SMAP's " world only one flower』)

 It was the first time that Masato Fujita, who was a lyricist, talked about how to become a lyricist.

 I can't write poetry for a million people .

 Only one of the million people's troubles, grief, and complaints

 For the first time, a million people will listen and cry.


 It is a passage called.

 We are now、

 Large companies that were unshakable, deficits of hundreds of billions of yen

 Until a few years ago, a company that was a blue-chip company suddenly died

 That the things that have been in use until now are not going to work.

 Live in the era of discontinuity.

 That's why when it's so unstable, uncertain, and uncertain

 I feel that it is important to return to the essence, the origin, and the original purpose.

 The more you go home

 You can see it.

 The sure answer to create the future

 "Everything is in front of you."

 "What to do」

 It's with you today.

 If I had to face each and every one of you

 I can see it.

 And I said, Do It.」

 It should already know.

 I said, stop it.」

 That, too, should be well known.

 It is because through the events in front of the eyes, it has been informed many times.

 There is no shortcut to a good future (loophole).

 However, there is a shortest route to create the future.

 What is that route?

 In response to the suffering, sadness, and complaints of only one person in front of us

 It is to do the best I can.

 And what they need is more

 "Sincerity" and "depth of compassion"and" the strength of an unbroken mind " would be.

 "In such a spirituality, really okay?」

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


 And it's a dry way of doing things quickly

 We've been focusing on short-term gains and losses

 That's the limit.

 In the world

 There are companies that are doing really well

 There are many attractive people.

 The company, and he (the women)

 - Philosophy(mission)

 - Belief(policy)

 - Ideal (vision)

 - Morality (moral)

 The higher the

 From around, is empathy, resonance, trust.

 It's more of a psychoanalytic

 It may be that"human power" is being questioned.

 It's because of this instability, uncertainty, and uncertainty

 1)first of all, I burn

 2)walk around from yourself

 3)light a fire in the heart of only one person before your eyes

 4)people who are now, do something with things that are now

 5)in the light of hope, illuminate the front

 I think that it is necessary.

 Exactly, in the same turbulent period of about 1200 year ago, Saicho (Saicho) was said

 It may be that"light the corner".

 The times have changed, but the important attitude has not changed.

 In the end

 If you borrow the words of masato Fujita earlier

 < Work, even if you aim at a million people and only for yourself, it is no good.

 Facing the troubles, sorrows, and appeals of only one person in front of me

 It reaches the heart of a million for the first time, and joy and happiness as weep will spread. >

 I think that's the thing.

 Now, to the company that is helping

 Anyway, to face each and every one properly.

 It's okay to be alone.

 To create services (products) that reach the back of the mind.

 In particular, we are working on this two.

 And then you have a strange way of spreading

 It is not possible to be blessed with such a fate

 You will receive a voice of joy.

 In traditional sales, marketing and customer management methods

 There are things that are never thought of.

 And when you talk about it like that, it doesn't run out

 This time, this much!

 There are a number of other questions we have

 As I said before

 All mail received from you

 It's a message from heaven.

 If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us

 Please do not hesitate to message this blog or comment directly on the Facebook below.

 We can't respond directly to everything

 As much as possible, I would like to do activities that can help you.

 All the people who come into contact with your light

 Wrapped in happiness and abundance

 That the waves of light spread to the ends of the world.

 I pray from the bottom of my heart.

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