How to Introduce Yourself

How to Introduce Yourself

How to Introduce Yourself
How to Introduce Yourself
ladies gentlemen may I now invite you to one of the most amazing question that you can ever be asked this is also a very important question because this is generally the first question and therefore the icebreaker the question is tell me something about yourself this question can also come in another format introduce yourself whenever such a question is asked and that - at the start of your interview I generally say this is a lottery question why do I say it's a lottery question

ladies gentlemen interviews all about selling and as a part of your selling process it's your business to talk about the strengths it's your business to talk about how amazing you are and the beauty is as a part of your answer to this question you can bring all the positives you have and put it across to the company that is why this question is the best you can ever get but when such a question is given to you are you really ready are you really speaking or are you selling such questions is what we are attempting to answer in this video to look at how to build an answer to this question let's start by looking at certain questions that students have typically asked me question number one students asked me should I actually start the answer by telling the person good afternoon good evening the answer is No surely no why not because ladies gentlemen if you really imagine when you are walking inside the interview room you already would have wished that person so to wish the person again as a start of this question does not make really sense the question that is often asked is should we start with one's name for example should I say my name is Praneeth the answer again is no but sometimes yes what am I talking about

ladies gentlemen imagine the fact that someone asks you master introduce yourself now when the person is asking me to introduce myself he or she has already given my name which obviously means he or she knows my name

then how can I again repeat my name so the rule is very simple when you walk inside and you realize the fact the person has not used your name and then the person asks introduce yourself please go ahead and introduce yourself however sometimes you may decide that look you like the whole name to be known then please go ahead and talk about your whole name for example you can say my name is Praneeth Kawya Thathsara because this time I'm not just using the word of the lime also using the word Mohammed in front so you do have an option but be very careful because quite a number of times this taken
is used by HR professionals to know whether you have by hearted or not because most of us when we are trying to by heart start with our name so the rule is if they start with your name you don't repeat that name question number three that I have been often asked how long should this answer be ladies gentlemen do not give me a very short answer the moment you are giving a short answer in a way you are telling me that you do not have anything much to talk about
it's a chance for you to talk about how amazing you are and by giving me a short answer you are saying you're not amazing enough does that mean you can give me a very lengthy answer no can't bore me to death

give me a long answer but not a very lengthy answer ladies gentlemen we typically say it should be about 60 seconds to 90 seconds not more than that what is the danger of coming out with a lengthy answer the greatest danger is if you come out with a lengthy answer you are boring the person true but the fact of the matter is this is a very good chance the interviewer will condense our shot so what will happen is that whatever you are planning to give later will not be told and therefore you probably miss out on good strengths you have which probably the company should be told about so typically again repeating 60 to 90 seconds is what you should do so during that time try to cover various elements in effect what are the elements we need to cover and how should I answer this I am sure your being to buffet lunches what happens in buffie lunches you get a flavor of everything and you choose which one you want it's like this don't elaborate on anything special give a flavor of all the dimensions you have academics extracurricular activities everything let them decide what area they would like to ask more questions in yes you can tempt them you can tempt them by using words like love for example I love cricket the moment you use the word loud probably you are reinforcing it maybe making statements like I am very good at sea by doing this you are in a way challenging them to ask questions on sea so these techniques can be used so what did I say two important factors point number one buffet lunch talk about varied dimensions do not elaborate so much point number 2
yes tempted them in certain areas where you want them to pursue more tempt to them by using grand words by probably elaborating a little more those

techniques can surely be asked so now let's bring all the elements together when I said show me various dimensions what dimension

point number one surely talk about academics ladies and gentlemen the company sitting in front of you because you are academically qualified so academics cannot be ignored but should you talk less about academics or more about academics depends on what your profile is if you are a person who is good in academics elaborated if you are a person not so strong in other contexts do not elaborate it so much radio is a content but please do talk about it I will be elaborating a little bit more on this as we go forward

point number two don't give me facts give me life I have learned many students who come and say sir in tenth class I got 71 percentage marks in 12th class I got 82 percentage marks I've done my schooling from ABC High School how does it matter to me
so when you are answering give me life so if you were to tell me that you have always been a good student if you were to tell me that you have stood among the top three in the class if you were to tell me that you have consistently been one of the above-average students then I understand you need to understand seventy-two percent means nothing to me because in certain states 72 percent would be a very high score like for example Maharashtra but if you are from Andhra 72 percent is not a good score in tenth surely not a good score in intermediate so the number has no importance to me what matters to me is the life to it so give me life economics is surely to be highlighted certain other elements of academics you can also highlight for example if you are in the front of our IT company talk about your IT club subjects if you have done certain courses in ID from outside please go ahead and talk about it so if you have done courses from outside in a way by telling it what are you telling the company you're telling the company two important things number one you're interested in IT otherwise why would you have spent some time and money going outside and doing it number two by doing so you are also telling the company that look I know something extra apart from what my friends know that way you are differentiating ladies gentlemen into this all about differentiation is about selling and in selling you have to sound much more special than your competition and you are achieving that here Africa demyx should come surely your

extracurricular activities companies are not looking for people who are only good in academics we are looking for other dimensions extracurricular activity comes in that extracurricular activity can also include co-curricular

activities generally when we use about any issues related to your academics directly is known as co-curricular apart from academics is known as extracurricular activity for example maybe you have gone for industrial visit maybe you have done certain other paper presentations maybe you have gone as an intern all this will come as a

co-curricular activity tell that to the company you may ask me these are informations are already there in the resume a that why should we repeat it answer is simple resume a will have lot of data out of that important ones are what do you want to talk about it tell me something about yourself it is not that you are going to repeat complete resume a because if that is the case then why do I need this question to be asked because interviewer anyway has the resume a so out of the resume is important elements which are there you will talk about it you could probably elaborate certain projects you think are relevant to the company such things can surely be done extracurricular

activities are also important when I use the word extracurricular activities it can be being a captain of a school team being probably a captain of the school itself maybe you have organized events maybe you're taken part in social activities

ladies gentlemen this is where I would like to stress something please do present a social dimension of yourself companies today are very conscious about how they are contributing to the society they would love to have someone who has done the same thing they would love to have someone who is socially conscious now typically if you look at Indians we are not very socially conscious but that does not mean we are not at all so do not tell me you're not done anything something small is worth nothing at all for example maybe your donated blood is that a social activity of course that's a social activity I in fact call it a social responsibility but it is a social side you can talk about it maybe you have taken part in beach cleaning competence maybe you people have done something for the poor maybe you are a person who visits the old-age home quite often maybe you love to spend some time with the orphans ladies gentlemen all these are social activities for God's sake tell the companies those because you have done so hobbies

play a very important role in defining what we our hobbies are also important because they talk about our

characteristic do mention hobbies don't elaborate them but mention them but if you really want to tempt them to ask more questions on a hobby as I said earlier use powerful words like I love I love photography that's something I enjoy doing I love spending time with my friends and going on long drives all the calibration can be done

hobbies are also important because they tell me very importantly think about what you are

I generally talk about hobbies and whenever I do so I say give me at least three hobbies out of which one is a team hobby why is a team hobby important ladies gentlemen you asked me up do not tell me your hobbies and I say I love watching television or reading novels it probably gives an impression of a person who is not a very good team member it probably gives a impression of person who is an introvert that's not a good news in today's world where you are going to work in teams where you are expected to interact with others so generally I keep telling people give me one hobby which is a team hobby and if it's an adventure sports all the wealth all the great go and sell it later gentlemen one important dimensions of what we are is defined by our family family plays an important role in defining what we are therefore don't say something about a family but don't tell me your father's name don't tell me that my father's name is Kularathne how does it matter to the company if my father's name is kularathne or George for example so what is recommended is give me life as I said earlier even here in family you can talk about the fact that coming from a broad-minded family you have been exposed to various things you can talk about the fact that both your parents are well-educated and education has always been an important part of your life you can talk about the fact that though my parents are not well educated my parents have seen to it that I do get good education such statements are good because they are giving a flavor of how your family environment has influenced you later gentlemen finally there is one thing which I always tell my students to do in this answer but in this smoothly why are you sitting in front of the interview panel that should be the ending point so define a goal talk about your goal don't elaborate so much as I said earlier but one sentence probably a sentence like my goal in life is to join a leading company like yours please don't use strong words like joining your company you cannot decide that probably yes gold can be used but at the end of the day you are speaking to the God who is going to decide whether you're going to get inside a company or not so don't say the goal is to join their company that seems as overkill let me therefore reiterate all that we said number one please speak don't make it too short but don't make it too long you will probably ask me

look my answer is not long enough then what should I do be you know wait to see what else you can add probably you can talk about your strengths you can probably talk about a short-term goal as well if you required but of course you should not talk about your weakness remember what I said earlier weakness is to be said only when they ask you to nowhere else quite a number of times I have seen people just because they talk about their strengths they like to balance it out with the weakness ladies gentlemen you don't need to do so remember introduce an advertisement it's about selling you do not have to balance it out by talking about your weakness next point I said get a structure talk about academics talk about

extracurricular activities include co-curricular activities if you want you can talk about hobbies talk about your family but do talk about your goal ladies and gentlemen this is the best question you can ever get so do make it a point to plan for this see to it that you're not just planning and content but also in delivery and when you go in front impress them in one of the videos I have told you that the first one minute is the most important time first one minute if you can relax by answering and more importantly by hearing about questions which you have already prepared for then it is going to help you later when your mind is not so tensed but if you do not do well in the first 1 minute then tension levels are going to go forward and doing so later even if they ask a basic question you will not be able to answer well because you are tensed and generally this question forms the first question but having said that be there quite a number of times such questions are also asked in the middle and if that happens then your answer has to undergo a little bit of change for example probably earlier they've already asked about your family so when you come back to this question don't talk about your family again and if you wish to do so change it a little bit for example as I told you earlier the moment you use the word asks you told them earlier in a way you are saying you're very conscious about the fact that you've done so what are you telling the company you're telling the company that you are not in the pressure because if you were under pressure your mind would not have thought so much ladies gentlemen that is what selling is all about prepare practice and rock at the end of the day this interview question is the most important you will ever face so be ready for it

ladies gentlemen thank you
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